Friday, March 25, 2011

I am facing an ugly demon

There was a time when storms & squealing banshees in the night could never wake me, but now my nights seem filled with fragmented sleep and it's starting to take it's toll.

is how this spuggy feels. Hung around Ha Ha pizza with my jafapals, but now I am totally fagged out.


LaughingLG said...

Me, too. Oh to be young and able to sleep. The oldest living woman a couple of years ago talked about how she slept for only three or four hours every three days or so, and if I could do that and not be tired that would be great. But my body needs more sleep, my mind just won't cooperate. Banish the demons to hell, I say. Where's Angel when you need him?

Anonymous said...

I think it's new, sometimes subconscious worries.
When your kids were little, you had worries but they also wore you out. So you slept better.
Then they leave home and we're older and wearier so we take it (physically) easier but have new worries. Like the senior years approaching and do we have enough $$$ for that and possibly health issues on the horizon and people start dying around us and oh yah, our parents are aging and that can be REALLY scary. Oh, and all the crazy things that have happened around the world these last couple of years. The BP thing kinda rocked me. And now Japan. Coming on top of our economic mess.
Oh, and 'the change' can mess you up for a while. Actually for some time even when you think you've finished. Not sure why.
This is just me, personally-hope it doesn't seem like I know what YOUR life is like. I'm just dying for (real) Spring and warmth and green and to be able to get out there and shake up my fat butt! Ha! ;-)
I think it's MARCH that's 'the longest month.'
Tell everyone you love to give you a big hug.