Friday, March 11, 2011

Hard to Talk about Art

when the world really is turned inside out. The images coming from Japan are truly frightening and this isn't over, there are fires at the Nuclear Power Plant.

Meanwhile I can say I am *blessed* with minor complaints.I seem to be having major probs with editing on blogger for a week or so now grrr. Oh well, since I want to gripe. Sawing a hole in my panel did my back in, and I hate that, so there!

You can see my dog rufus gaping through the cut out shape in the panel. Once it's hung in the alley the brick wall will show through.

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Anonymous said...

All I could think to do was send a prayer their way for protection and strength....
Now I hope we all donate a little something and support them as we did Haiti...their need will be just as great, although not as 'sexy' since they're not Third World.
We are just so blessed here in occasional tornado, but not hurricanes/typhoons, tsunamis or earthquakes of any magnitude, etc. Just annoying snow storms. ;-)