Friday, March 18, 2011

Children's Art in Stitch

I went to the celebration of the knit knot box's return. As local story box ambassador, Jonatha, said:"since the Storybox was a national and international favourite, it was stuffed to overflowing with old and new stories. In fact Dr.Kevin Cordi told those present the contents of the box had to be divided into several boxes in order to handle the huge volume of contributions added during it's two years of world travel."

I had so much fun digging into the box and found the most sweet and charming set of drawings by some 5 year old children in England.  I  decided to do an embroidery version of one of them by charolotte (with permission) and return one to the box,and one to the school it came from.
I am amazed the box was still in pretty good shape.

On April 29th the box with travel to Mt.Vernon Ohio for the O.O.P.'s Conference (Ohio Order for the Preservation of Storytelling). After that it will be permanently housed at the new Urban Arts Space in Columbus.

My Jafagirl Story starts here.

Photo by Scott Kissell


Teresa said...

Love! Love! Love what you did with the drawing.

Oh! You!! You just get me SO excited about thread work! You are inspiration central!!


Debrina said...

Crapanoli - I changed my blog addy a couple of months ago and I just lost everything that was related to that address, including your fantastic blog, my friend. Anyway - this is where you can find me now:

Great to catch up here again - love the tree snugglers :-)