Monday, February 28, 2011

I used to say

 don't play with your food to my children
but they didn't listen!
My son and girlfriend did this to my breakfast plate

Embroidery Progress Report

 bear is wearing what is considered a british icon,
a knotted hanky that my son wore as a baby one hot sunny day in Texas
Slow and Tedious
 That black area is long and short stitch (except I am not keeping all my stitches the same length). Chair bear is coming unravelled just looking at it. The chair cover is pure vintage:it's my dear Nana's ♥ embroidery she did over 50 years ago.

Bits and Bobs
Info & links from show at Jafagirls website

I am in heaven with this new upscale thrift shop in town, got me a nifty crochet (70's style) tote.

It's decided, I'm going to do another 
 pub alley panel
and do this

I'm itching to paint and I LOVE this pic I took of local artist, Pierre and his beloved Beetoe.


Shez said...

LOL I use to say that to my kids too!!! Hey, how are you Corrine. I haven't been by in a while. Still love to see your knit knot tree is still all dressed up!! My muse has been up and down this past year too. Guess that's the way of it for us. Some time to gather one's thoughts. Did I tell you a gallery approached me last fall? Yeah, was I surprised. I'm happy to have them deal with the sales. Leaves me to twiddle my thumbs if I want Ha Ha Ha.... Hope all is well with you......(smile) Shar....

JafaBrit's Art said...

shez, how wonderful to see you here, and congratulations about the gallery. Yes, hum, that bloody muse can be a right so and so.

Frank Zweegers said...

The last picture is nice, what effects did you use to make it?

JafaBrit's Art said...

Thanks Frank, I used adobe to make the image black and white, then when to filter and used cutout, adjusting it until I got the effect I wanted. I was experimenting for fun and didn't think it would be something I'd use for a painting.