Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bits & Bobs from Jafabrit's Hoose

 From ArtDaily
 Jasper Johns receives 2010 Presidential Medal of Freedom

The Critic Sees by Jasper Johns

My jafapal Nancy and I have started a blogtalk radio show (eeeeeek) called
 Bits & Bobs with the Jafagirls

Origin of Bits & Bobs

 Work In Progress

linen, paint, fabric markers
dmc embroidery floss

This is based on the painting I did for the Pub Alley Project


canvas artwork said...

love the blog, the art looks cool to. keep it up

Megan Carroll said...

looking forward to hearing an episode or two...



Anonymous said...

will we be able to access it (bits'n'bobs) off the 'net?

Ayieeeeeeeeeh! about J.J. and the Medal of Freedom... that is SO cool!!!! (He's one of my artist heroes...I think he's a fab painter and a thinker on top of it.)

I still can't quite grasp the marmite thing...can someone give me a 'it's like _____'? I can't for the life of me imagine what it would taste like. Is it an 'acquired' taste like lutefisk?

Well, and JafaNancy are just as cool in those specs as the Guerilla Girls are in their masks. :-)

JafaBrit's Art said...

OOOh, glad you like the specs lol! I believe someone recently said Marmite reminds them of soy sauce or miso, very salty and with a beefy kind of flavour.

LaughingLG said...

I love the alley art, and this is looking pretty spiffy as well. Is that black stitching along the edges of the gray. Is it machine, or is it just a boring marker? Love it.

deb said...

OK that is just...well fab! Love, love it. I just realised that yellow springs isn't really that far from here, if it ever stops snowing I am coming to see your world!

JafaBrit's Art said...

HIAY, right now that is just plain old marker on the edge of the grey and will be filled in with hand stitching :)

Deb, if you visit that would be SO cool! Maybe in the summer, yes?