Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Being Jacky Pollock, NOT! and Jerry talks ART

I'm not a big fan of cubist work but I did enjoy Jerry Saltz explanation and it gave me a wee bit more appreciation. I've been lucky enough to see many of these works in the real, and while some dismiss Pollocks drip painting, being in the room with it, WOW! is right. Having tried drip painting myself it isn't that easy to convey such a lyrical sense of movement and colour choices.

I did this with Jafapal Nancy at her Jackson Pollock workshop event, which was a lot of fun.
Not the most flattering pic, but oh well, I was having fun being a wanna be pollock (not pillock for those cheeky buggers out there) for the day.
Jacky Pollock, uh huh!!!!  the only thing dripping seems to be my jowls, !


Art said...

Thanks for posting the video- I really like his criticism.

Its hard to out-Pollack Pollack but you come close

JafaBrit's Art said...

lol, thanks Art!

RPL said...

I love your color selections for your drips:) I love Pollack, there's one painting he did using the colors gray, yellow, cherry red, a hunter green and black that I really like. I'm planning to do my own drip painting soon. What paints did you use? Golden has a tar acrylic to do drip paintings. I've purchased a couple of jars.
You've inspired me. I guess it's time to get them out.

JafaBrit's Art said...

Hiay rpl, we used regular quarts of paint from lowes :) and found the stirring sticks the best for dipping and dripping.