Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bunny Art

Since my right hand is out of commission this week I decided to draw with my left hand.
I helped jafapal nancy yarnbomb some rocks in town. I could manage to sew with my left hand since the stitching didn't have to  be fancy.


This LOVELY rabbit is under threat by a local council that deems it a blight to the sight.


moreidlethoughts said...

I'm in a cranky mood tonight so...!23!@#$%$! the stupid council!
Oh! Really! They want to get rid of a cute lil(or big) bunny, but allow elected prats to spout crap!
Oops! Sorry,'s your blog.

I hope your hand is improved. I feel your pain!

Art said...

Yes, I hope you get your right hand back least you have your left.

Giggly said...

I love bunny art! Hope you get your right hand back to working soon! XOXOX

Damien Franco said...

In one of my drawing courses in high school we spent an entire week drawing with our non-dominant hand.

It was tough but I felt like it was such an empowering exercise.

deb said...

poor bunny! and I love your bunnies. hope you re feeling better!