Friday, September 17, 2010

Guerilla Arts and Stuff

I'm chuffed as punch that STI(C)MAN is showing up around our town.  Now if only Banksy would show up and do one of my pub alley panels, woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I pwomise I won't rename myself mrs.hogwash and co-opt your work badly and sell it as a mega show for a million bucks. No wait! Can I sort of promise, ahem!

It's FAF and after life drawing my gal pal (Mizz Cranky Pants) and I are leaving some art around town. Jafalass, Karen, is going to give us wot for if we ask her silly questions at her opening reception tonight.

This was one of my all time favourite pieces I left and luckily it stayed up for a month before someone took it. By the way we always leave a tag stating "FREE ART".


wood, porcelain teeth, string, acrylic paint.

It was placed on Corry Street on the wall next to IN A FRAME doorway.

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Debrina said...

I've been as tardy as hell, but here I am at last to say hi. Well, there have reasons - main one, I've been nose to the studio bench working on my art fair pieces and now that the day is here (well, tomorrow actually) I am having a breather and catching up on all my fav. blogs! Yours is no exception, OF COURSE! Lovely to catch up and see all the awesome, crazy, cool stuff you've been up to!