Meditative Art

Sample Testing Piece by the Jafagirls
Saturday morning I helped jafapal Nancy M. run a Paint Like Pollock Workshop for Getaways for Women.
I think I could have stood there another two hours, it was mesmerizing watching the paint drizzle onto the canvas.

It got kind of wild, uh huh! splashing and dripping, and some of us (not me) had paint up to the eyeballs. Amazing to see how different each one was. Lot of fun and I got to meet some great women.


wow-it looks awesome!
Art said…
Awesome! Not least because its such a "masculine" style/painter that the women's class took over. Plus it just looks really fun...would love to try it if I had enough space to splatter
Megan Carroll said…
I am very happy with mesmerizing for so many reasons...
JafaBrit's Art said…
It was lots of fun Ria. Art, it is quite a production setting it up, plus having that many gallons of paint (donated thank goodness).

ooooh I so agree Megan :)