Friday, July 16, 2010

upcycled vinyl


Will be selling a bunch of these spin paintings at the Cirque Carnival tonight. I love exploring all the  yummy colours after I've done them on my homemade spin art machine.

Upcycling vs Recycling
I hadn't really thought there was much of a difference between Upcycling and Recycling, but apparently there is.


Megan Carroll said...

I have been making upcycled aprons, thanks for the link to definition as it does a wonderful job explaining it. Also the Globe and Mail just did an article on aprons. It was a bit fluffy but interesting. The comments though have become ridiculous.

I just rechecked the offending comments were removed, but basically the suggestion was that the new house wives who wore aprons we akin to blow up dolls...

Sheree Rensel said...

OMG!!! When I was a little girl, my FAVORITE thing to do at the state fair was getting to the "spin art" booth. I didn't care about the roller coaster or fried junk food, I wanted to SPIN ART!! I wish I would have kept some of my creations. I remember them so well.