Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Slow Art/Craft Movement

I've read several articles and manifestos and often they seem filled with do's and don'ts and their own biases and agendas. Some points they raise I agree with, others no,  but the one commonality is that I prefer taking my time.     

"Slow Art relates to creating art in a slow way. This practice is about being mindful of detail, valuing the history inherrent in re-usable materials, putting time into creating small items. The practice encourages the maker to be naturally meditative as they create. "Slow" ends up being a way of being. " Source: wiki

Of course that could mean I get left behind as others speed ahead . Oh well, somehow I feel in my bones it is worth it. 

I think these tips as to the benefits of going slow from zenhabits give a good explanation.


New Garden Friend
cast iron

The rabbit has a charming face:
Its private life is a disgrace.

I really dare not name to you

The awful things that rabbits do.

- Anonymous

Art Stuff
Gearing up for the cirque carnival on Friday
and will have some goodies for sale

Such as skull pins and upcycled vinyl spin art. Will also have a $2 Buck Bin, as well as a few other items.

Mr.GobbleHead is slowly coming along

Mixture of acrylic paint and embroidery (satin stitch) on tea stained linen.

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