Monday, March 01, 2010

Monday at Studio Jafabrit

Weather: dull grey days in Ohio
Culture: Went to the YS Short Film Fest (fab)
Purchases: Excited about getting this Eames Style vintage Tablecloth & my retro embroidery book.
Sunday Photo: Love the reflections.

Reminding Self: Don't have to churn out art.
Studio: a MESS, a bloody MESS
Artwork: slow but sure.

Finished the cape, hands and flowers. Need to figure out what beads to use for the earrings, and do the paper she is holding.

Retro Craft Corner

This is from 1969 McCalls Needlework Magazine and is a rosy pomegranate design on white linen. Embroidery Stitches are chain, laid herringbone, padded satin, and stem stitch.

I think I have a yen to make me one of these.


Janvangogh said...

That pomegranate piece is really neat.

Your embroidery is turning out quite nice.

JafaBrit's Art said...

thanks Jan.
Yes, the pillow is lovely, and I hope to make one sometime sin the near future.

megan said...

Love it, I am all about the retro these days!

Beads Direct said...

I love your art! Why don't you try some semi precious beads for the earrings. You could choose the beads by reading about their properties to give some extra depth & meaning through your choice of beads