Tuesday, March 23, 2010

All things vintage

Went to the movies in Ann Arbor St.Patricks Day and what a treat to not only see such a GRAND old movie palace, Michigan Theater, but we were also treated to some organ music on the original Barton Theatre organ. Here is a tiny sample.

Takes us about 3 hours to drive to Ann Arbor and  managed to get some crochet/knit done for some new textile graffiti. This is for the central portion of a bench on Dayton Street in Yellow Springs, felt flowers will be added either end.
Nancy and I have also been working on flowers and leaves for  a new piece for Elaine's Bench on Corry Street.

Flower Power must be really in because I went to Target and saw that they now carry Liberty of London. It was, is, a very posh/hip store and their flower prints were very BIG in the 60's and 70's.
I could NOT resist this teapot.

and here's a question
I think yes with a modern take on it, however I don't think you would see this in a current craft mag nowadays.

American Home Crafts First Issue Fall/Winter 1972


Undaunted said...

Fantastic! What a treat to go to the old movie palace and hear the organ being played! It looks great!

I see what you mean about the crafting mag! My, how times change! It was only a decade later that we had a massive campaign in schools, with Super Man fighting the evil Nicotine!

deb said...

I was personally a littel freaked out by teh Liberty's at Target thing, but then happy because as a fan of all things arts & crafts of course I love their stuff. I have several things from London, and now I think trip to Target is probably called for!!