Really, I'm quite obsessed

with drawing with thread
my current embroidery

and all the different stitches I want to try and apply to the images from my skethcbook. I think this one will be called "torments", but that could change.

Today is the Day
Think of me as I do my bit in the Vagina Monologues today.


Why do I keep seeing Frieda Khalo?

Had a problem with Blogger last week, but I seem to be back now!

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Teresa said…
Your work is so inspiring, Corrine!

Best of luck with the V-Monologues!
Leanne Pizio said…
Wonderful. I am loving the drawing with thread. Just amazing work.
Good Luck with your part in the VM! Which I could be there to see it.
Bill Evertson said…
break a leg :-)
Marcia said…
Hope y'all WOWed the audience on Saturday!

I love your sketch/collage embroidery.
Such great work! I love watching your process unfold from sketch to stitch... so often you are an inspiration, a reminder to pick up the fabric & give it another go... (SO glad to read that your monologue was fab!) Keep up the good stitch!
JafaBrit's Art said…
wheeeeeeeeeee, thanks everyone :)

and yes, sunday the performance was almost flawless and I really got into it. Don't think I want to do it again though, but what a marvelous experience and opportunity.