Sunday, February 21, 2010

groovy baby

Oh poo, the plastic on the glasses didn't work out. Still I am not displeased with the final results.

Retro Craft Corner
1966 McCalls Magazine advert for unger yarn
I would definitely still wear the mustard knitted swing dress to the far right (skip the hat though lol). I can see young women wearing the hoody green dress on the far left, very groovy man
Do things ever change really lol!

I came across a young woman blogger who complained about the hair portion of the vagina monologues and said maybe women in the 70's liked big bushes sticking out of their panties but things have changed and we shave now. Err, here's some news, shaving, trimming ain't new (heart shaped pubes were a fad for a while in the 70's). The full brazillian wax is new, but then not everyone wants a baldy do dah, let alone have a man dictate what she should or shouldn't do with her body.

Recession and the Bush is Back
hot pink hearts
lol, nothing is ever really NEW!


Anonymous said...

Waxing the bush? I mentioned it in my Valentine post and was not overwhelmed with enthusiastic women!
Didn't Candida Lycett-Green start the fad with having her man's initials clipped iinto her muff? Sort of bedroom topiary!
Me? Can't pull sticking plaster off!

Undaunted said...

lol how on earth do you find these articles?

Well, I've tried it a couple of times, DIY, but I have to say it felt more like self harm than anything else and I wondered if I needed psychiatric treatment! lol

Is that too much information?

I think the knitted stuff looks great! I used to wear wooly dresses when I had the figure for it :)

JafaBrit's Art said...

Undaunted I got the articles from my friends vintage mags :)

moreidlethoughts, I don't know who started the fad but I do remember there was a major buzz about it in the fashion mags.

Undaunted said...

lol, no, I meant the article about the... er.... y'know... shaving thing!