Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Christopher Kane Fashion Collection and Embroidery

Sarah at HEN talked about the emphasis on embroidery at London's Fashion Week: Christopher Kane autumn/winter 2010/11 collection and a comment he made:

"Hand-embroidery is an art.But we see so much of it done in a conventional way. I wanted to make it a little more perverse, by adding the leather and black lace".

Let me preface this by stating the collection is GORGEOUS BUT hasn't he used conventional embroidery images. There doesn't seem to be anything new about the embroidery designs , or the idea of putting them on clothes. Only thing that is different is the style of the clothes. HOWEVER, anybody who has been watching the embroidery art world will know that using embroidery on unusual supports such as , leather, lace, pvc etc isn't NEW and that there is a HUGE movement and interest in using embroidery in unconventional ways.
I will concede though that this generation probably hasn't seen embroidery embellishments used on leather coats/skirts (very popular in the 60's)and it comes across as fresh and different, a contemporary twist on an old idea.

Suffice it to say I am glad to see it back in style and beautifully done in this collection.

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I can't even list
all the embroidery artists out there creating amazing unconventional embroidery work, there are so many.

Bless my Husband
despite his opinion on marmite(which isn't very nice)

He brought home a jar of it because he saw my frantic face as I scraped out the last vestiges of the stuff in a desperate attempt to have some on my toasted crumpet.
Marmite Fans, check out this book
Cultural Differences
I haven't used hessian for donkeys years, not since living in England but I went to JoAnn fabrics to get some today. When I asked the assistants where it was they said they've never heard of it. I finally found it in the store and discovered it's called Burlap in the USA.

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Art said...

Hessian sounds much more exotic to me. : )

I like the marmite