Friday, January 15, 2010

The Stories that Embroidery Tell

They speak of our times, of our struggles, our joys.The most famous being the Bayeux Tapestry (which really isn't a tapestry but embroidery) and the saga of conquest in 1066.
OOH, this is fun!

Create your own tapestry.

Prisoners of War Quilt Embroidery

changi quilts

Image Source: British Red Cross Museum Collection


"During her time in Holloway Prison, Janie Terrano embroidered a handkerchief, as was a common way of marking significant events at that time. The handkerchief marked the hunger strike held from April 13-19 by the suffragettes imprisoned and force-fed. "

Image source: Fabric of Resistance

Meanwhile my story

Still a work in progress


tera said...

"The rabbit poops...are really chocolate drops"...smirk, giggle, tee hee!
(That really cracked me up for some reason!)
Nice work! I do not have the patience for embroidery. I tried counted cross stitch for a while, but I apparently don't count well...!

JafaBrit's Art said...

My cousin was a beastly little boy and his mother no better. I used to do counted cross stitch but it's not my cup of tea at the mo. Never say never though. I didn't think I would ever do embroidery again lol!

Teresa said...

Your piece is wonderful Corrine. I SO love your work. How does it feel to have a groupie?

Teresa said...

...and we need to reschedule that lunch we were going to do before you got sick in December soon!

JafaBrit's Art said...

Lunch would be great Teresa :) always lovely to get together with a talented groupie who puts things on trees. Me LIKE!

Debrina said...

You...are an evil genius.

JafaBrit's Art said...

LOL! why thank you Debrina :)

Rosa said...

Yes! This is why I love embroidery. Those Changi Quilts are wonderful, thankyou for making me aware of those... Wonderful work.

deb said...

I feel like I should rush home and start in on a hanky of my own, you so inspire the devil in me!!