Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Art of Sign

Lady Gaga's hit song, Bad Romance
signed by Michael DiMartino in his video interpretation of her song.
"Michael aspires to bring mainstream music to the d/Deaf and Hard of hearing , so they can enjoy music the way everyone else does."

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Original Lady Gaga video

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professional news
Knit Knot Box Hits the News in Israel

studio updates

Mostly long and short stitches that take hours and hours to do, but so worth it. Kind of nervous about doing the face and arms. I had to do the face on the marmite is evil piece three times and still not satisfied.

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Colette Amelia said...

that is looking wonderful! Yesterday I thought I should at least try to do something of value...picked up a cross stitching that has sitten unfinished for 20 years and found out that it will remain forever unfinished by this chick as my eyes couldn't concentrate on the holes in the linen...


thinking I should try one of the aida cloth unfinished ones or maybe the big needlepoint tiger that is now 25 years half finished.

your work is motivating!