Thursday, January 14, 2010

Let it Not be Said

only the young and female create pieces for yarnbombing. These gorgeous pieces were knitted by a local professor, Gary Pierson for Olga Ziemska's "flock of hands" sculpture.
Thanks Gary they are gorgeous.

Knitting in the News

Dave Cole takes Knitting to New Heights

Meanwhile back at the Studio
I am slowly working on pieces for Olga's "flock o
f hands" sculpture AND knit knot tree II. I am also working on some craft bombing pieces to leave around like this one below or attach to something.

It's all very eggy

If anyone would like to send us some knitting or crochet for "flock of hands" or the knit knot tree II please check the links above for dimensions and email me at


Bill Evertson said...

Oh, I hope he got good documentation before it got cut down. Sounds like you've got some busy finger work ahead.

Teresa said...

Wow.Gary's pieces are awesome!

I need to search for the Flock of Hands flyer - I forget the measurements. And I want to do another piece for the Knit Knot Tree...not enough knitting hours in a day!!!