Gringo Granny Strikes: Graff Pics Skate Town Puerto Rico

I was taking photos of the exterior of Rincon Skate Town in Puerto Rico and these three young men just stared at me the whole time, not in a nasty way, but in a curious way like they were wondering what this middle aged tourist was doing lol!
I felt like I hit gold, the whole building was covered in graffiti, and what a great place for skateboarders. Inside walls are also covered in graffiti as you can see here.

Front entrance side

side wall

rear side wall


Bill Evertson said…
Lol - did the gringo granny leave any Barbies?
JafaBrit's Art said…
No, I wish I had though :)
Colette Amelia said…
when does petrogliphs become grafitti? or is it all grafitti?

What ever I think it is all mighty cool!