Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Healing Hand

Gosh all I've done is moan these last few posts, but since this blog is about the creative meanderings of an artists life, then whatever happens, good or bad, affects those creative meanderings.

I like what this author says: "
When we make art, we tap into our creativity and into a meditative space, no matter what we are creating. We also ignite healing and peaceful responses in our bodies."

Healing Hand
Work in Progress
Embroidery on tea stained muslin

How Art Heals

One of my absolute favourite moments in comedy

And Just Because It's Funnyimage source: LA Weekly Craft Gone Bad by Gendy Alimurung
Kraftomatic Blog
krazy krafts, nutty notions etc


ria said...

That 'healing hand' is BEAUTIFUL, it blows me away! & lol@the boob-scarf.

Art said...

Glad to see you've got projects galore while you're on the mend.

I wonder who I could gift with a boob scarf over the holidays...