Mining your Sketchbook for Inspiration

My teacher/mentor always said never throw out old drawings, sketches, ideas but put them all in the sketchbook no matter how silly they may seem,even if you don't like them or can't figure out how to use them. She warned me that even if I didn't like something or couldn't figure out how to technically implement an idea at the time I might like it in the future or develop skills that would allow it's implementation. Boy was she right. I did this quick study of my daughters friend over five years ago and never quite knew what to do with it, but I see threads now lol!

One of the best resources for exploring artists (famous and not so famous)sketchbooks is this site Artists Sketchbooks Online

My favourite sketchbook is spiral bound with acid free paper thick enough I can use watercolours or acyrlics in it too.

Having a problem starting a sketchbook or what to put in it?
About.Com has a few ideas.
I put anything in it, almost like a scrapbook journal, with bits of fabric, yarn, photos, text, poems, doodles, formal drawings, shapes that please me, colour swatches, paint chips, pressed leaves or flowers.


shana goetsch said…
i must admit that my favorite resource for inspiration is what's newly found on my floor.
these old, kicked around, dusty, paper pieces are an ablsolute goldmine for me now! (i don't do a sketchbook, but i do save almost everything, for this purpose alone.) and i just organized my art studio and i found tons of crap that i now want to use.
to thine own self be true...
JafaBrit's Art said…
I bet they are lovely shana :)
TechnoBabe said…
I really like your idea of using a sketchbook for everything, as you say swatches, doodles, shapes that please you, etc. That gives me a good idea and I will start my own sketchbook of ideas now. I am not an artist, just an interested artsy person.
JafaBrit's Art said…
thanks for dropping by TechnoBabe :) and no you don't have to be an artist to have a sketchbook/journal. Have you ever seen Dan Eldon's sketchbooks?
I have more "stuff" in my handbag than in my books. LOL.
I like this sketch - a bit Burn-Jones I think.
Have a safe and happy year, lass.(And a marmite sandwich!)
Debrina said…
How freaky cool is that? I've just been over at Love Stitching Red's blog and found myself thinking hard about sketchbooks (ie MINE)because she has just made a real plug for the importnace of keeping hers and here you are, the next on my blogger update list, espousing the use of yours! Not only that but you give us the bestest links!
You just made my morning Corrine! When I say morning, it's 3.46am NZ time. Woke up wide awake just 10mins ago. Glad I did.
JafaBrit's Art said…
Happy New Year Debrina :) and wow and early one too. Glad you like the links, the sketchbook one if fab isn't it. I also put photos of my work in and then doodle around them which became the inspiration for my sketchbook embroideries.

moreidelthoughts, I have to do a clearing out of my handbag and oh gosh we are in the same club lol!
Lana Gramlich said…
My own teachers also told me never to throw anything away & it IS good advice. I still have quite a bit, stuck here & there. I still have at least a half a dozen sketchbooks tucked away (some still waiting to be filled.) I may have to drag some of that old stuff out & have a gander!
Corrine: I have long thought/said that your faces are phenomenally beautiful. I love this one as well and it proves my point. Happy New Year to you!
JafaBrit's Art said…
Sometimes Lana I think we get locked into the idea that a sketchbook has to have formal drawing in it, but really it can be a creative playground, yes!

thanks Robin :)