Friday, December 04, 2009

Hand Maid

A little play on words for shana since we are talking about hand made being "in" and the feminine aesthetic.

A Birds Eye
I decided to experiment with stitching on the flower. Not sure what to call the stitch as I just made it up, but basically it's weaving with thread

Turkish Embroidery
In Turkey "textiles of all kinds were so closely connected with the Turkish way of life, embroidery was produced and used at every level of society, from the most exalted to the humblest. Whether made for a sultan or a peasant, it added color and beauty to everything from military campaign tents to the most delicate hand towel. " It seems to have been/and is an activity that men and women were/are involved with, on a national scale including for example " army personnel was also known to be making embroideries."

Oh man, check out this gallery of Ottoman Work.

Some of my fave yarnstormers



Lesly said...

You are so clever and imaginative, Jafabrit! Lovely.

JafaBrit's Art said...

thanks LEsly :)

Fi said...

Thanks for the lovely comment on the article about me on thisisdiversity. I'm so glad you did, because I've just visited your blog and my jaw is hanging down to my toes - literally. I love your work!
And I hear you about the tea - have a cuppa on me! Cheers ;)

C. Robin Janning said...

I love your henna hand embroidery. Your level of energy in words and in visual art is quite inspiring. And exhausting. You remind me of something like "hope" and that's a very good thing.

The painting you did (an older post) for your friend with breast cancer is both moving and beautiful.


JafaBrit's Art said...

thanks robin, I think that's why I have been so down lately. My energy has been sapped by this bronchitis and asthma. SO I have slowed down a bit lately. Not hard to sit and type, and talk about art though :) and do a little hand sewing.

Fi, I so enjoyed your article on this is diversity. Guess what? I am drinking a cuppa as I type lol! My jaw drops when I see my mother in laws crochet and knitting. I feel I am still a baby when it comes to art, so much to do, so much to learn. Not enough time in the day lol! thanks for dropping by.

MarieE said...

I loved the link about Ottoman Embroidery. I'd asked my husband (who's gone through the ottoman archives) about whether the Ottoman embroiderers were men and/or women, and he couldn't recall reading anything on the subject.
I'm really enjoying your blog!