Saturday, December 26, 2009

Coral & Graffiti at Domes Beach Puerto Rico

Most sites talk about the surfing and the beach

I haven't seen any reference to the coral that washes up on the shore or the graffiti. Despite most sites stating the beach gets crowded we were the only one's there and had the beach to ourselves (December). Most surfers seemed to be further down the shoreline. Some of the coral was really beautiful. This website talks about the type of coral unique to the area.
The graffiti
was on a retaining wall and somewhat hidden, so for those that don't like graffiti I can tell you it didn't spoil the beach view. If anything it helped decorate a deteriorated wall.
photos by c.bayraktaroglu

To see more PR Graffiti please check the Group Page at flickr: The Graffiti & Arte de Urbano Puerto Rico


Yellow said...

I've never had an allergy to graffiti. I used to catch the train daily to school in Liverpool, UK, the main view has a huge wall which the local graffiti artists would paint on an almost weekly basis. The mural would change and evolve, and it was a great thing to watch. There was never anything obscene, as far as I remember. I wish I'd had the nouse to photograph it, but nevertheless I'll never forget it. I'm talking 20 years ago too.

JafaBrit's Art said...

I remember seeing some fabulous graffiti on the metro in Newcastle last time I was there Yellow.
Sad to say that in Puerto Rico along with some cool graffiti there was the kind that most associate with graffiti, gang tagging. It was very evident and marred places rather than enhance them (as in this graffiti at the beach that disguised an ugly deteriorating retaining wall).

Writers Unite. said...

Nice blog check out mine for the latest in Birmingham Graffiti.

Art said...

Oh, I'm loving the coral here- suprisingly haven't noticed any graffiti--prob because the gendarme here are very scary.

andrea said...

What strikes me is how similar garffiti is around the world, ratehr than its differences!