Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Sketchbook Studies
I decided to experiment in my sketchbook with an image of my current embroidery piece and rename it.

"be normal"
I was thinking of our troops, of war zones and wondering how one can be normal after all this AND what is normal anyway? Is your normal my normal? How can one be normal after one,two, three tours of duty in a war zone, to see your family shot at a checkpoint, to see children die, to see a loved one whither away because they couldn't afford health insurance or their insurers wouldn't cover lifesaving treatment, or you lose a body part.

The image in the sketchbook is a mixture of a photograph of my embroidery, and then acrylic painting around it, foil
behind the mouth. I want to use a mirror in his mouth on the real piece so viewers can see themselves.

Yes I remember, all the time
As a mother of a veteran can I just share that saying thanks is nice BUT
Over 2,2000 Veterans Died In 2008 Due to Lack of Health Insurance

Semper Fi

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