Sunday, November 01, 2009

B is for Bovvered

and bovvered I was. My daughter shared this stress reducer after my disastrous efforts to save a jar of venice turp resin (very very very very very SMELLY) from crashing to the floor in my studio. In the process I knocked over my cup of tea and dropped all my papers on the floor, arg!!!!!! All was not lost though, I decided I don't hate my effigy doll as much since I added hair, so I left the studio feeling okay.
Not sure I want the head to slant so will fix that, and haven't figured out what to put in the background
yet, and I am not sure about the tongue.
The eye on the box represents the evil eye.
Nazar Boncuks (evil eye stones)


Mystey Artist said...

Sore looks evil. hope you didn't scare off the good people. hehe. Also Letting you know that your blog is on the top 5 blogs that I liked for the week. Cheers!!

JafaBrit's Art said...

that's cool Mystey, thanks for dropping by and the listing :)

kntgrl said...

that bubble wrap is AMAZING!!!!

the effigy doll looks very cool. love the innards.

deb said...

effigy doll is looking promising, but not a s menacing as I first thought when I saw it as a work in progress, but I will wait to see the final version! Nothing there to be bovvered about, as always ur work is amazing!!!

MarieE said...

I'm so in love with nazar boncuks!

Anonymous said...

loving your doll and all the fantastic eyes!