Skull in Stitch


long and short, satin stitch, couching, french knots
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In other news I joined the Hand Embroidery Network

My next goal is to figure out how I want to mount this, or incorporate it into an assemblage.
I am off to ponder about it
and freak out
whether I will remember the steps for thrill the world
what did I get myself into


Teresa said…
Wow. Corrine. So very awesome.
Janvangogh said…
I zoomed in on the image. Very impressive.
louciao said…
I'm lovin' this! Great stuff. Why is it the doing is so satisfying and then the mounting/framing/displaying so difficult? At least that's what I find. Especially with textile work. But, yah--fantastic work!
JafaBrit's Art said…
louciano, Traditional framing is a nightmare so I try to do what my 3D teacher drummed into us which is to make the presentation part of the statement of the piece. Easier said than done, arg! but I do like to build my own frames or boxes.
thanks Jan & Teresa :)
Debrina said…
Hello Corrine (Jafa lady). Can I just call you Jafa, I like that better. Lol. I'm spotlighting you on my blog (again) in a few weeks. Ok, if I hand-pick some images from your blog for that post?

Debrina (Debs0
PS. I am SO lovin' the skull. Your stitch work is impeccable and your theme is so cool and quirky. Right up my ALLEY!
martha brown said…
Wow -- this is so cool! Great work!
JafaBrit's Art said…
hiay Debrina, so glad you are liking my work :) and sure no prolemo about using some of my images (and a BIG thanks). and calling me jafa is just fine too.
alan said…
Very awesome stitchery.....colors and imagery really work well together.
deb said…
ab fab darling!!