Thursday, October 29, 2009

I know some people hate black backgrounds BUT

Apart from the fact that it makes the images pop it is consistent with the way I work. Whether I am painting on stones, bones, wood or canvas it usually starts with a black gesso background. So I will give it a try for the blog a wee while. I did however decide to add a larger font for easier reading.

Studio NewsWork In Progress
Effigy doll for shrine Box
tea stained muslin, iron on transfer, embroidery (couching stitch).
Need to work on the other foot and do the head.
The door interiors will have stitched text on black dyed muslin.

Knitting News
Yarnbombing had this story about Stitches on the Bridge"All the knitted items will eventually be sold to raise money for charity".


leanne pizio said...

You know I love black backgrounds and this new blog change feels right for the season. Love the video. And the new effigy doll is really amazing.

Bill Evertson said...

You're progress on the shrine box is great. Do the little strings let the doll pull the door shut? I'm already on board with the black make over.. it does pop.

JafaBrit's Art said...

thanks leanne :)
Bill, the strings inside the shrine box will be covered up with black muslin with embroidered text.
well at least that's the plan.