Tuesday, October 13, 2009

granny's crafts!

uh! huh!
so without further ado
here is
My embroidery version of the "homage to basquiat" painting well almost, still working on it. OOOOOh I loved embroidering those teeth.
My dentist was kind enough to give me some old x-rays of mine

which I want to use with the embroidery. Haven't quite figured it out yet but hey, I have plenty of time before my exhibit in October next year at IN A FRAME.
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Skullisious Links
Skull-A-Day features very creative daily skull submissions
Huge skull made from computer parts at Walyou

Cute computer part skull bracelet at Stupid Fingers (love that name)

I HAD to Share This


Art said...

The pandas are so cute!

I think you co do a lot with the teeth xray

deb said...

loving the embroidery...totally rocks!

Janvangogh said...

The pandas are a hoot.

You are really unique. Whodda thunk to embroider teeth?

Debrina said...

Oh ha ha ha...I "pi#S%$d" myself this morning watching that!

JafaBrit's Art said...

someone did ask me Jan where the gums were and I just smiled and said he was a gumless wonder.

I have watched the panda vid quite a few times and it makes me laugh every time.