Saturday, October 10, 2009

Crafty So and So's

Craftastrophe: because handmade isn't always pretty is a hilarious mix of the awful, the awfully brilliant, the bizarre and the strange (check out the teddy bear made out of a placenta or this evil bunny who is angry someone stole his carrots).
well, erm, hum, I have had my share of creating strange and ugly things, so who am I to judge

I have done the angry rabbit thing, the ugly dog thing

the ugly doll thing, and the ugly arse painting thing

Step Back in Time
Winter 1942-43
McCalls Magazine
Hum I see things then were just as ugly.
Can say I am NOT too fond of item J which is described in the mag as "this door-stop, a pig tailed Chinaman, won't make you bow down to move from place to place! His heavy wire pig-tail stands up as high as you wish; his head is filled with cement and covered with black oil-cloth."



Lady Arwen of the Silver Rose said...

I reserve the right to make gross, hideous, ugly and absurd things. That is one of the best ways to grow as an artist. Ha...fight the CUTE.

Peggradyart said...

Ugly can be fun (love the bunny) but an ugly comment about a "Chinaman" is not. Amazing how racism was so accepted years ago that it appeared in a craft article in a mainstream women's magazine.

tera said...

I saw the placenta bear on the news the other day! It's really freaky. No thanks. I have no problem with dark and moody, but gross and creepy is too much!

JafaBrit's Art said...

hee hee lady arwen, I support your right.

Peg, I felt the same when I saw it. I have a elementary school social studies book from 1918 and the terminology and descriptions for non whites around the world is appalling.

Lady P said...

hehe - i have some of those very same old magazines and i am astonished at the crafts some would have you spend time on -