Monday, October 05, 2009

Andy Warhol Museum

Visited the Andy Warhol Museum and even though I liked the museum floor plan, and there is work there I like for some reason the exhibit really left me cold. Charles Guiliano used the word deadpan in his review for Maverick Arts, and that is exactly how I felt.
"The Warhol Museum reminded me of the Factory which I visited with my friend Jim Jacobs who worked for Castelli Gallery at the time. I remember the junky couch, flaking silver walls, and the pay phone. The pay phone struck me as odd but it was a brilliant way to keep the entourage of street people from running up the bill. There is the same deadpan feeling to the Pittsburgh based museum and archive. It does and doesn’t work. Overall, the setting feels so drab and ordinary. More like a place to work and make stuff than to see it."

My Favourite Room

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