Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Peace Sign: Up or Down

Ever had one of those brain fart moments?
Nancy and I did for a minute when putting up our new peace sign and couldn't remember which way to put it, duh! The version we know was designed by Gerald Holtom , a pacifist, who was promoting Nuclear Disarmament. The image isn't a new one though, the current version is an adaptation of the Algiz ( (Rune of Protection). I rather like it this way as it also looks like a tree or a person reaching out to the sky.

Talking about Peace
ScreenPeace Fest is coming to the Little Art Theatre Oct 4 thru Nov 8.



Bill Evertson said...

Either way - Please pass the peace!

Fiona Leonard said...

thanks for posting these. I really like the upside down version, it feels much more open and free.

Shez said...

Dam, that made me stop and think, I use to know those signs so well. lol
Glad to see you're doing your thing Corrine. I especially got a good giggle from your comment on the life drawing with your left hand, practise makes perfect. Got to try drawing boobs myself with my left hand now. hehehe What it did was remind me how normal breasts use to look like, you know, big ones, small ones, pointy ones, flat ones, all shapes and sizes. Now a days, they are getting to be all either a "D" or "DD" or larger and pointing towards the sky....help!!!!!

Lady P said...

i love how you mention that it comes from a rune - i am always pulling runes and studying them
that collage of knit ups on that tree looks fab

JafaBrit's Art said...

I agree fiona, much prefer it the rune way and with bill about passing the peace.

hiay shez, how ya doing? I just have to do me own thing lol! I can't seem to help myself.

I don't think I would be interested in drawing fake boobs. If I want to draw plastic bodies I would just draw a mannequin. Real bodies are so much more challenging and interesting.

Shez said...

Corrine......LOL had to stop by and thank you for my morning wake up...... that gave me a good giggle, while I spurt my coffee all over my screen.....Are we having an image problem just now???? hehehe

louciao said...

Peace and love to you, Jafabrit, whichever way you hang it! Thanks for stopping by my place over at Ragzedge. I left you an answer there.

I see a few posts down here that you've been pondering the combination of fabric and paint...I think we share similar ponderings!