Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Love this Photo

so much I ordered a print

Image used with permission:It's by Nathan Leach-Proffer at Speed Photos
Graffiti Alley Ann Arbor MI

I love it not just because it's my knit graffiti camo doll, but because the photographer has transformed my art to create his own art and vision. I love the whole angle and mood , the quality of the photography, the colours. It's like she wants to break free and fly away wheeeeeeee! It's also kind of interesting to see what happens to knit graffiti and how others view it.


Here the question is: signs of mental illness or excessive creativity unleashed?
Regulars here know the answer to that LOL!
Ho Ho Ho Green Barbie OR One of Captain Kirk's ladies
another Captain Kirk reference, but me thinks he whisked her away
She got marked

Alas she is no longer in the alley, she flew off and found a home in the
Twilight Zone

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ria said...

Wow! That IS awesome-

LaughingLG said...

It is a beautiful photo, and my 12 year old Connor, who has passed by your camo dolls on the street, just looked over my shoulder and said, "Cool." He said what made it cool was that "it was the only bright thing in a dark alley." Maybe he'll see the ones he passes in town with new eyes now.

JafaBrit's Art said...

Check out the art box outside IN A FRAME laughing G, most people don't even know it is there :)

thanks Ria. It's amazing how a photograph can allow a viewer to see something differently isn't it?

Lady P said...

i LOVE that photo - i could live with that photo
i love how camo barbie appears to be in flight
i love that art continues

Bill Evertson said...

Great angle for the photograph. It does seem rather special when someone spends time to get a get a new take on the original.

LaughingLG said...

Connor did actually notice that one day. It's cool. I like how it's just tucked in there, but it's right at Connor's eye level, so I guess that's why he saw it.