Saturday, August 08, 2009

Drawing with Thread

"Cat Scan"
Hand embroidery on muslin with acyrlic paint and embossed metal for skull

The left side is based on a left handed drawing in my sketchbook. I left some threads loose to maintain the looseness of the drawing. It's called cat scan because the hair was actually a collage in the sketchbook of a cat scan image.

Embroidery Group
So I am now a member of the Mad River Valley (love that name lol) chapter of the Embroidery Guild of America. Went to the first meeting held on the front porch of another member in Yellow Springs. I love wrap around porches, so this was a lovely start. It was also lovely to meet some fellow embroiderers and see samples of their work. One of the projects coming up is to create a textile sketchbook (right up my alley) and I can't wait.

Radical Craft Show

Nancy and I are curating a show for the Yellow Springs Arts Council.
If any of you are interested please visit YSArts Blog for info.


leanne pizio said...

Hey Ms. Jafa,
Love the embroidery so much. This new way of working is fascinating to watch. You rock.

ckw said...

I absolutely LOVE this one!

Art News Blog said...

I love the idea.

I saw work in Sydney recently by a Japanese artist called Zon Ito (google him) using a similar technique. I didnt particularly like his drawings but I like how he did them and how they affected me.

L.M.Noonan said...

I'm in love with the whole idea and jealous as hell that you've beaten me to it. I've always liked your drawings but they take on a whole new life as embroideries...they're really fresh and alive like they could jump off the canvas

JafaBrit's Art said...

thanks leanne, ckw, my mind seems to be buzzing with possibilities.

Dion, I checked the artists Zon, and yes I felt the same way about the drawings as you but enjoyed seeing the work.

Oh blush!!!!! Loretta, thank you. I have neglected drawing for a while and doing embroidery seems to be inspiring me in ways I hadn't imagined.

deb said...

jaf! just gorgeous! I LOVE it!