Monday, July 13, 2009

She's on top of her ergi

Art News Blog hosted a wee "win a chair" competition give away from WayFair Furniture :)
wowie I WON
All we had to do was leave a comment what colour and why and I wrote:
"The topstar in lime green because it looks like a work of art, because it rocks, because it looks goofy, because it would fit in my studio, because I LOVE it, because I WANT one, because I want to hear my husband say, "what the hell is that", and I can say smugly, "why darling it is my ergonomic stool" humph!"
In my best Lucy voice!
thanks to Art News Blog and CSN, and to the Person who chose me

My husband sort of a got a surprise when he found a large fed ex box at the front door. "did you order something" he says. To which I say,"no dear" la de da di da! "Hum, you sure because it has YOUR name on it and it is from Germany". So I spill the beans and tell him I won something. His second surprise though was finding out he had to put it together. He did say what the heck is that, and I did say, " why darling, it's my ergi".

Shipping was really fast.Design wise it is primo quality and easy, they even packaged the air pump to pump up the inner ball. It has certainly intrigued my visitors, and it is surprisingly comfortable. I can tell it is good for my back.
So, yes it fits in my studio, yes it looks like a work of art, and yes it does rock (literally lol).
Thank You

Why doctors recommend Ergonomic Chairs


ria said...

FANTABULOUS! I was fantasizing about how they ship this wonder, but I see you have to "pump it up" :)

R.E. Wolf said...

I'd be right next to your husband, asking "what the hell is that?" ;)

Bill Evertson said...

I think it needs slippers on the legs.

JafaBrit's Art said...

Knitted booties perhaps Bill lol!

That was my first thought too wolf and I just loved how wildly different it looked. But looks ain't everything, it actually works.

thanks Ria, yes, came in a large flat box, reminding me of the way furniture comes in an ikea box.

cynthia said...

Congratulations! I really like the design and would be thrilled to receive it - plus you can't argue with free....

L.M.Noonan said...

Congratulations...what a lucky piece of furniture to have such a smart arse. It looks gorgeous; the stool that is!

nolaa gallery said...

oh, that is going to be so good for your back and bum!
xoxo, jen

JafaBrit's Art said...

got to tell you Jen, it does feel nice on the bum :)

gosh loretta, wish me brain was as smart as me arse lol! okay, that didn't come out quite right, oh well nevvvvvvvvver mind!

JafaBrit's Art said...

cyn, I LOVE the design, it really is cool.

Fiona Leonard said...

that's very cool - and a great conversation starter. Good one for a dinner party: "hmmm, we seem to have run out of chairs, I know, I'll just run upstairs and get my ergi...."

Lady P said...

oh my - I live that you won the best little rounded mound of lime for your derriere around! i would love to have one of those myself - so I can understand the wild attraction to the crazy stool that looks like a wacky bit of 70's pop art that grew from the floor

Janvangogh said...

Oh how cool! I would love to have one also. Jealous!!