sketchbook: trip to dc

Went to Washington DC, last week and spent two days just walking and visiting the Textile Museum (a little disappointing), Renwick Gallery, Corcoran, National Museum of Women in the Arts, National Gallery of Art, Hirshorn, and the National Gallery Sculpture Garden. I think I walked about 12 hours in two days and it was fantastic (that isn't including rest stops, train time) . I tried to visit the National Museum of American History but it was chock a block with millions of teens on school trips and I had to quit after a futile attempt to see anything beyond a few dresses of the first ladies. It was lovely to revisit some of my old favourites in the National Gallery, but it was a delight to see the current exhibit of "Luis MelĂ©ndez (1715–1780) ... recognized as the premier still-life painter in 18th-century Spain"

The fruit, the food looked so fresh you almost wanted to pluck it out of the picture, it made your mouth water. I forgot my glasses so I kept getting too close to the paintings to examine the brush strokes and getting told off, oops. Almost all the still life's were painted on the same wood table and you could recognize which part of the table based on the nicks in the wood.

Just Because
I LOVE this Song

was I the only one that noticed this on the crosswalk at 7th & Madison in DC?

I got a few odd looks from the drivers and other pedestrians when I stopped in the middle of the crosswalk to photograph the ground LOL!


oh I wish I had known you were coming... I (and the 28,000 square foot art center)am just 20 minutes away on the metro red line:)
JafaBrit's Art said…
Oh my goodness you were close, I hadn't realized that. I wavered on whether to pester you or not and somehow thought you were out of the metro area. I was only there for two full days, but I promise next time I WILL pester you lol!
That is one huge art center by the way.
JafaBrit's Art said…
and how lucky you are Judith to be able to pop onto the metro and see all the new exhibits.
Bill Evertson said…
Your sketchbook is proof positive that travel is good for the soul :) You covered a lot of art territory and even found a distant relative to your crushed can paintings.
JafaBrit's Art said…
I do think yes Bill, it is good to get out and into another environment for so many reasons. I sure did cover some territory eh! and finding that little robot was an unexpected delight.
Art said…
It sounds like a fantastic trip--you've inpired me to plan one for myself this summer.
Great pics I love the last one...and I'm happy you had a great time...:)
Casey Klahn said…
I'd love to do the DC museums like that - it has been over a decade since I did.
Linda Moran said…
Those grapes are amazing! I had a chance to go to the Renwick in 2000, when they had the Mazloomi-curated African quilts, as well as antique Amish quilts. On one side the blood pressure just dropped. and on the other side, it zoomed back up again! I really miss DC....
JafaBrit's Art said…
I really enjoyed the Renwick Linda, it is small, user friendly and has a small collection that one can spend time mulling over,exploring. Plus there wasn't hordes of people or school trips.

Casey it was so much fun, just wandering and popping into places as the mood fit.

Last pic is fun Maria :)

Art I hope you do one of your videos because they are really cool. I think had I seen the robot image in a gallery space it would not have delighted me as it did just noticing it on the crosswalk. For anyone curious about the last comment, Art did a fab video about taking graffiti into a gallery space and how it alters the context/intent.
Hey, JB,

Looks like you squeezed the absolute most out of your trip and came home with a head full of creativity!

Thanks for the "Mad World" video. It's the version used in "Donnie Darko" -- a movie I really hope you've seen, as you would definitely 'get it'.
JafaBrit's Art said…
w.j. we just watched the movie last night (at my daughters suggestion) and it was very strange, compelling and fabulous acting. that bunny was really scary. And yet another bunny! I say that because thursday in DC I had a very very rabbity day. It seems to be my totem animal of late.
P.S. Gotta say -- that Melendez piece is just . . . wow!
San said…
You're making me want to return to DC. It's been years, but I'll never forget the Rodin exhibition at the Hirschorn.

And I'd never forget the little sidewalk guy either. :-D
maggie said…
it is a luxury to live a short metro ride away from the DC museums and a little bit longer bus ride to Philly and NYC. but don't forget to come to B'more and see Matisse at the BMA and everything else great at the American Visionary Art Museum.

by the way, you will see the little street guy all over B'more.
Lynette said…
Corinne, you were fairly close to me too, a 2 hr. drive away. It sounds like you had a fantastic time and I just drooled over that still life with the grapes, wow, to be able to paint like that!!
James w said…
that little robot is some dangerous art! Your blog is looking great as ever, I especially like Tit for Tat too.