Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It was a bitchy day

floss on hand dyed linen designed by c.bayrak

and thank goodness I don't come across them too often in life or on line . I was going to just put text in the box but I saw a little drawing of an eye I had done lying on the studio table and wham! I wanted to try it with embroidery. Why "i hate bitches"? Don't know, just kind of popped into my head after I'd read a hateful snarky comment on the web somewhere.

Contemporary crafts and embroidery

I love dr.who so I enjoyed exploring geek craft blog :) and seeing this tardis tissue holder.

Oh how w繞黨 m一 keyb沒oard is writing in chinese, I mu三天 hav俄 accid恩tly hit 阿wrong key。okey, now it is okay, that was different !!!!!!

Okay, like I was trying to say, I really find mr.xstitch' blog interesting and lo and behold if there isn't an eye on there too. Maybe its going to be like the rabbit, only now eyes all over the place.

I am part of the film crew, woo hoo
oh okay, I am the sandwich maker and supplier for the cast
but still
woo hoo!
OH AND thanks to Mr.XStitch for highlighting me on their fabu blog.
I really am flattered to be included.

Such is the day in the life of Jafabrit
art, movies, net crawling, facebooking, and gluing things to large ugly resuscitation dolls
right have to iron shirts, drop off some art, and plot my next embroidery


deb said...

yep and ironing shirts never fails to make me think of Elizabeth Diller...
now THATS ironing right there, so simple, so cutting, so bloody funny!!

Lynette said...

Wow, now that's some fantastic stitchery and I love the goth feeling of the design around the eye!

leanne said...

Love this Ms Jafa!
And I hate bitches too....
Have to go over to Mr. xstitch and see what is up over there.

San said...

Jafa, what can you NOT do? I would love to see this laid out as a doily on the top of a stuffy wing chair. Bitches beware!

JafaBrit's Art said...

I checked the Diller link and really liked it :) thanks for the link.

It does have that goth type effect Lyn although not intended, but I like it.

I am so lucky leanne not to come across too many of them. Part of that is being older and no longer in a work situation that exposes me to them.

Oh San! there is plenty I can't do hee! hee! but I am glad you like this and I like your idea lol!

Julie kaye said...

Beautiful detail on this piece!

LaughingLG said...

Love the vintage feel of the stitched frame and the Latin coupled with the modern sentiment. I agree that it would make a lovely antimacasser. Loved the link. Thank you.