Thursday, April 02, 2009

Creative Cycles: Up and down like a Yo Yo

I love this quote I read on Sheree's Blog
Making a "living" is not the same thing as making a "life."
Dr. Maya Angelou

I had a friend mention I should get over my art mood because after all I don't "have" to earn a living with it.
Nobody HAS to earn a living with art, that is a choice.
the need to create isn't
Just as talking and eating
It is a need that is sometimes a pleasure and a pain

If creating was all about ego then there wouldn't be a problem
sometimes when the gap between expectation and reward gets too much it is discouraging
the ebb and flow of our creative energy is normal
Creative exhaustion is normal

"Telling Herstories" has a great article titled "Creative Cycles"
The Constant Creative Flux

It can also be annoying for others who don't understand
so my advice is just acknowledge it as a professional frustration
and my advice to me
don't blather on about it (well except here of course LOL)


I cut it up and put it into my sketchbook. I think technically it worked very well, I liked the concept, but aesthetically it just wasn't working. The central image was distracting from the focus of the piece which was about people's attitudes regarding shaving.
Oh well!

Meanwhile I was very happy with the results of my order from Canvas Press. This is for the ChamberPot Gallery exhibit in June and the theme is Yellow Springs. I had to stretch it myself and that was a REAL challenge to line it up on the edges. It didn't make sense to pay for it on stretchers when I has spare ones at home.

24" x 36"
Knit Knot Tree


ebbandflo said...

Although not an artist (or I don't think of myself as such ....yet?) i recognise the daily need to create. When I don't get the time for it i get really twitchy, when i do have the time and there's no inspiration i feel sad that it's been wasted. I do get disparaging looks and a lack of understanding when i try to explain that time while the wee guy is in school is not a time for having coffee, or housework or nattering on the phone - i guess the other mums who only seem to do housework, childcare, domestic stuff don't fully appreciate that although what i do doesn't generate massive amounts of cash it is self sufficient, and even that requires a serious input.

but then it's not me whinging about my husband, children, in-laws, etc etc etc .......

JafaBrit's Art said...

I understand ebbandflo, that need to create is powerful and I understand what you mean about when the kids are in school and you have some private time.

Lady P said...

It is as necessary a part of life as the walking to exercise our body and the talking to socialize our being - I can't be without something to express my fidgety hands desire to create - I say, Jafabrit, just do ANYTHING right now that sounds interesting, be damned what it might be for - even if it seems so unlike you or even rather, gosh, silly :)) thanks for writing about this subject as well...

Lana Gramlich said...

I had to laugh at a friend who recently called to quiz me on art, desiring to get into it as a means of income (as opposed to just getting a job.) I'm afraid she only took the positive things I had to say, regardless of my attempts to point out to her that art & wealth don't necessarily go together...

JafaBrit's Art said...

I am afraid Lana, that was an illusion I never fell prey to.

San said...

I like your little bush page in your sketchbook. No wonder you were prompted to create a piece of pubic art--I read your March 9 post too.

I'd read the quote from Angelou but had forgotten it. Thanks for the reminder.

Right now I'm in a trough period with creativity. Yup, the gap is discouraging. Back to the easel...

painter girl said...

Oh the old ebb and flow......
It affects us all even if we don't realize it. I have had the funniest time with it this spring. So strong at times, almost bowling me over. And completely nonexistent on other days. Blather on about it here, please!, so I can commiserate with you.
Love the page in your sketchbook...giggled when I saw it.
And as always I love the knitknot tree.
You rock!

Undaunted said...

You seem to know such strange people Jafabrit!

As you say, it's sometimes a pleasure, sometimes a pain - but always necessary. I've noticed I start getting irritable when I haven't done anything creative for a few days.

JafaBrit's Art said...

I think undaunted it is because I have so many friends from such different backgrounds and interests. Plus I live in a strange town full of wonderfully strange people who are as opinionated as I am LOL!

Undaunted said...

Lol! You're very tolerant for an opinionated person!

Every time I finish a 10 week course I have to fill in a form stating how it was beneficial for me (don't ask me why, you know how the government and councils love figures) Anyway, one of the questions is something like "has the course made you more tolerant of other people from different backgrounds" - er no! If they don't think like me then they're weirdo's! Thankfully being on the course means I spend more time with like minded people :)

JafaBrit's Art said...

Perhaps opinionated is the wrong word, but yes I am patient with differing opinions, lifestyles etc. (ecept when it comes to racists/bigots and snobs).

Kirsten Ashley said...

It's hard to explain the need to create to those who can't fathom the drive to create. Sometimes its simply a means of those who "get it" and those who don't.