Friday, April 10, 2009

Button Brag and Button Art

I LOVE buttons ( I know! I know! I love a LOT of things) and the above one made of WOOD is my FAVOURITE vintage button from the 1920's. It has been used on coats, bags, cardigans,and now sits on my shelf in the studio to be coveted daily.
Here is the BRAG part
My husband, bless his heart, secretly bought me a stash of buttons

which arrived yesterday.
I think I went mad with delight.
Of course I had to google and see what button related art was out there in this big old world

Button Art
image source ecofriend
and I found the work of Lisa Kokin
I love how she has connected all the buttons and created this delicate lacy mesh.

Vintage Button Sale Website-and some of them are just amazing

I finally did it Jen, Connie and my new buttons found a home to roost
And I will be sending the Painting very soon


shana goetsch said...

that first one IS a nice darn button. i would even use it....and i have had a dislike of buttons since i was little. (for real, i cut them off if they are solely for decorative purposes) buttons are so smug *shakes fist* this one is nice and swirly though.

JafaBrit's Art said...

shana, it's funny what we dislike in this world, mine is a intense dislike of clowns lol!
I like this button particularly shana because it is wood and I seem to have an attraction to swirly things :)

Janvangogh said...

I can see why that button is your favorite. It is really nice.

Love the button sculptures. Whodda thunk?

Connie said...

I'm loving the buttons too!!!! The painting looks buttonious!!!

Peace & Love.

MadSilence said...

Cool button. Plastic? Leather? Wood? I've got a bunch of old buttons from my mother's estate...Now if I could only sew, I might put them to good use!
Enjoy the Holiday.

The Governess said...

Ooooh - I am a button fiend: about a thousand and one million to my name to date, lol! Well, actually, a rather large bowl full - 34cm in diameter to be precise and half again deep. I make necklaces out of them and they ALWAYS get the most awesome comments. If you're interested in a button necklace recipe, I'll send it to you! PS. it's been a whilke since I've popped in, sorry. I must put you on my blog list so that I pop in more often!

Lynette said...

I didn't know you could make such amazing things with buttons and I'm gonna go in there look through the buttons I've collected over the years, cool!! That wooden button is a treasure! Corinne, I love your button tree and speaking of buttons, I remember my Mom finding a large 2 hole button, stringing and tying a thread through the holes and making the button spin really fast back and forth. I had forgotten all about that...anyone else remember this old fashioned toy?

Fiona Leonard said...

I love the button sculpture. Our next door neighbour made my daughter a necklace out of buttons. It made me look at buttons in a whole new light.

Undaunted said...

Ooooh, I really like your wooden button! I wouldn't say I'm a button person really, but that one is something special!

Hmm.. I now have this strange desire to go and make lots of buttons!

I really like the painting by the way, and I love Connies video! The music is lovely!

Lana Gramlich said...

Very cool on the buttons! When I was very young my mother had a great, big bowlful of them. They were better than any toy she could've bought me. I played with & enjoyed them for hours.

Lady P said...

I love the buttons. Just a couple of months ago I took all of my buttons and put them in large canning jars, in color batches, so that I could finally find all of them and put them to good use.I do have some vintage favorites, though, and those either stay on their pretty cards or get used on MY clothing, so they can have many,many lives...and I do remember that toy. Apparently, with a piece of stone and a rope, that same technique can be used to saw things. And that is the actual history of that prior to becoming a toy!

Leanne Pizio said...

Your hubby is just the sweetest! What a great gift.
Love the button sculpture. Wow!
And the button tree painting is super pretty.

JafaBrit's Art said...

Hiay Jan, I thought the button art unique, she seems to have pushed it to a different level.

Woo hoo connie, I am glad you like the buttons on the pass it painting.

Happy Easter madsilence :) The button is wood and I picked it up at a flea market in Lambertville NJ.

Hey thanks for popping by the governess, I would love the necklace recipe (than you). I have never made anything like that so it would be fun. Gosh what a collection you must have. I could sit for hours just looking through them.

I remember that game Lyn, it was fun.

Hiay Fiona (I love your name, I was always jealous of my scottish friend having that name). It was nice of your neighbour to make your daughter a necklace.

Undaunted, you must cater to your desire lol! Cynthia made buttons a while back and they sold well I believe. I love ceramic buttons.

Lana, the first thing I did when I went to Nana's house was go to her button box. I spent ages and ages going through all her buttons and whatever else got tossed into the button box.

HUm Lady P, I like the idea of the jars. Ibet they look really pretty too.

thanks Leanne. By the way, that william morris exhibit seems to be traveling to a lot of places around the country. I wonder if it might be anywhere near you in the future. I want to go and see it again, only take my sketchbook and drool some more LOL!

Undaunted said...

Hmm... I may have to try that - especially with an exhibition coming up that I plan to take part in! (You heard it here first!) I'm presuming ceramic buttons are ok in the washing machine and dryer?

Vintage Buttons said...

Wow the button art is incredible. I have seen some amazing art on your site. Thank you for the creativity of your blog.