ChamberPot Gallery: A loo with a View

If you live in the area and can deliver an artwork to Yellow Springs for the ChamberPot Gallery then check out our website. We are putting out a call to artists for a semi permanent exhibit for June 2009. The theme is Yellow Springs and the work will stay up until it is sold or the artist wishes to remove it after a year.
I was really happy with the results of using CanvasPress for my "Commodus" piece last year and so placed an order for a maniuplated photograph I took of the knit knot tree for this year's exhibit.

I chose NOT to use a regular photograph.
I felt showing it this way added a surreal element and an ephemeral quality.


Colette Amelia said…
super cool!
ebbandflo said…
i love the print - looks like patchwork and yet quite surreal
Lady P said…
wish I was in the area - would love to throw a few knit ups around!
So cool!!!
nolaa gallery said…
I LOVE IT! Love it!
Undaunted said…
I love how this image looks :)

I just wanted to pop over and say a big thank you Jafabrit - you've cleared up my confusion! I think you're absolutely right. Would you like the job of tutor - student translator? :)
"A loo with a view."

What are the odds I'll be able to work that line into casual conversation, tomorrow?

I'm gonna try!