Friday, March 27, 2009

Artistic License: Some have it and some don't

and I've got it

Yep, here it is.

I first saw it on BoingBoing and followed the link to the Evolution Control Committee to order my very own. Last week I actually had someone ask me if I had a license to put up the yarnbombing on the local pole. Oh if I only had my license on me then I would have whipped it out and said, "ah hah! as a matter of fact I do, uh huh, yes siree, here it is".

The Naked Truth
Paintings are Removed
But what on earth would the police charge him with?
Painting naked men? Forcing art on the world?
Oh no, it wasn't authorized to be on display, dang!
He didn't have his artist license I bet.

Source of Image Telegraph UK

Thanks to San at Life with a View who shared the Shake the World project
I sent a pic , woo hoo!
My goodness gracious me, all this artistificating
Well us creative types can't seem to help ourselves eh!

I joined thanks again to another of my fave bloggers Bad! Kitty Art. It's one of those " channel surfing for blogs sites. It pulls random recently updated blogs and automatically flips through them." I figured why not give it a go, eh!


Undaunted said...

Hehehe, the artist could download the "shake the world" speech bubble and attach it to the naked painting!! (I'm not saying which end to place it though, I'll leave that up to your imagination!)

Love the license! That stupid miserable... don't you just want to chop people's heads off sometimes... er sorry, I mean tell them to go away?

JafaBrit's Art said...

hee hee undaunted, you are a cheeky lass.
Oh the guy was joking undaunted, really, he was trying to scare me at first and when I turned around and saw who it was I laughed.
Actually I just thought it would be more fun to say to someone if they are being serious, "be careful you don't stand there too long, you might get covered in knitting" hee hee!

Undaunted said...

Jafabrit, your method of dismissing their complaints with a smile and a joke is much more efficient, but I just can't help getting upset with these people - which means they've won really. I'm glad this person wasn't serious.

Here is a free license, which isn't as professional looking as yours, but I thought the content was funny (and true in my case).

JafaBrit's Art said...

ROFLOL, undaunted the content of that licence is hilarious, and yes it fits me too (eeek!)

Rob Reeves said...

Love the license! A friend of mine used to carry his Artists and Poetic licenses around with him. Apparently the Iowa HWY Patrol don't find them nearly as funny as we do.

JafaBrit's Art said...

Dang, rob, what is the point of carrying it then, arg!!!!!
thanks for dropping by.

Kirsten Ashley said...

Nice. I'd love to have a physical artistic license, but I don't feel like shelling out $20.

JafaBrit's Art said...

I understand Kirsten :)
I rationalized that I was supporting another artist ;)

thanks for dropping by.

Greg Long Artist said...

Corrine, the problem with the paintings was they had been added to an important selected exhibition. The show was the annual academy show, probably the most influencial show in Ireland as regards critical acclaim and as such the artist was in fact committing fraud, claiming his works were part of the selected works.

JafaBrit's Art said...

Greg, thanks for the info that broadens the understanding of the what and why.