Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tofu Stories

Tofu Stuffed Toy from Taiwan in Jafabrit's Kitchen
Madsilence did a really nice article titled " The Trouble with Tofu" and how Americans haven't been able to appreciate it. Check it out they have some great links for recipes.
I thought I would share a funny Tofu commercial from Taiwan my son sent me about tofu crying if people don't eat them.

Art House Sketchbook Project
Yesterday marked the first exhibition on the Sketchbook Project tour

If you get a chance check out Sheree's video of her sketchbook


Teresa said...

So very cool to meet you at REACH yesterday!

I'm a total Jafabrit / Jafagirl fan.

When I get the Orville and Wilber Wright yarn-bombing thing together, I'll totally take you up on your offer to accompany me to "do the deed." Also, I'd love to participate in any upcoming community knit-graffiti.

Love the slide show of your Art House Sketchbook.

JafaBrit's Art said...

Hiay Teres,Taltitha and I too, and I most certainly will let you know about any community knit graf, and "do the deed" LOL!

It was a fun day at REACH, first time I had gone. I LOVED the Appalachian dancing, their legs are like rubber.

JafaBrit's Art said...

forget, thanks about the sketchbook :)

Ed Maskevich said...

When my kids were younger, I used to make Tofu-Burgers once aweek. I also made Falafel burgers. Now we only seem to use tofu when my wife makes stir fry. Will you be doing anything combining tofu and knitting?

Sheree Rensel said...

Jaf, Jaf, Jaf!! Did you come to the online virtual opening for the Art House sketchbook show? I was online the whole three hours last night. I didn't see any screen name that looked like you. Also, I figured if you were there, you would have said hi to me. Anyway, I took a few screen shots of the chat room with pics of people at the opening. At one point, people would occasionally pick up a random sketchbook, hold it up for the camera, and thumb through the pages. I think I saw YOURS!!! I got a photo of the screen. I am going to write about it tomorrow on my blog. I think it is of one of your pages. I was so excited. I said in the chat room: "That is Jafa's, That is Jafa's!!! Corrine! Corrine!! I know her!!!!" LOL LOL LOL The other people in the chat room probably thought I was bonkers or something. I didn't care. LOL
Also, thanks for linking my sketchbook to this entry. That is very cool! :-)

JafaBrit's Art said...

sheree I tried several times but it kept saying it had reached its limit. So it is cool to hear about it, and I will look forward to your blog entry.

Lynette said...

One of these days, I really want to try tofu. I've never tried it yet but it sounds like a great meat substitute (meat is yuck to me although I eat it anyways). Your sketchbook looks great!

Sheree Rensel said...

Jaf, I didn't even realize the room was full. However, I got there very early (about 6:30). About half way through, I wanted to change computers, so I went and tried to log in on my other computer. It wouldn't let me in because the room was full. Luckily, I hadn't logged off on the original computer, so I just went back and hung out.