Wednesday, February 18, 2009

R is for Rock

Graffiti Rock Bike Trail Yellow Springs, Ohio

Hum the need to leave our marks on rocks, walls goes back centuries doesn't it.

Talking about leaving our mark
What is Craftivism
This site describes it as "raising questions about the role and definition of craft and attitudes towards it as well as our relationship to, and implication in, the changing global conditions of trade through everyday consumerism." OR as Wikipedia describes it: a form of activism.

Knit Twits by the Jafagirls
I don't feel like a radical activist, but putting knitting on a tree or a pole fits with craftivism and the idea of redefining how the craft of knitting is seen and used. It is nice to see crafts burst out of the bubble it has been relegated to for so long.

Yesterday I mentioned the New York Times article Boom is Over. Long live Art
On the other hand

Tough Times Call for Shrewd Artists


Sean Baker said...

Love the Knit Twits Tree!

Colette Amelia said...

food for thought, maybe now we find what is truly worthwhile and valuable. No matter what happens people are people they love, they hate, they create they overcome and they endure.

love the rocks!

deb said...

I'm all for taking craft out of its "box" and I'm totally for any kind of activism!!

Bill Evertson said...

Its always been disparaging that some art is designated as craft. Time for a change perhaps?

The Dan Ward said...

Wow, I so love the knit tree - I wish my art critic vocabulary was larger so I could express how cool it is... all I can come up with is the tree gets in my head and makes me think & see differently.

JafaBrit's Art said...

Even in the worst of times colette, when poverty was knocking at the door, somehow I managed to create, and endure.

hiay Sean, thanks for dropping by, and glad you like the knit twits tree. It isn't as complicated as some of the others, but I am really fond of this. It is like all the little odds and ends ran away and hid in the tree LOL!

deb, I feel like I am leaning more and more in that direction. Not on purpose but my muse seems to be leading me by the nose.

I agree Bill, and hoping people keep busting those stereotypes and pushing the edge.

Oh thanks Dan :) I know what you mean. I am finding it difficult to adequately describe it. I can look at something in art forum or on another blog and come up with something, but not my own stuff lol!

Leslie said...

I like your collection of knitted color on this tree!