Monday, February 16, 2009

P is for Potato

You're reading art by corrine bayraktaroglu originally posted on Jafabrit's Art. 
Thank you for dropping by.
Repeat entry but I couldn't resist since today's letter is P and this made me laugh.
That is really one very sad looking tattie, potatoe, pitatie, spud, solanum tuberosum.

"Mrs. Neighbour" I says. "why do you have a grumpy potato on the shelf above the stove"? "eeeh, what are you talking about"? says mrs.neighbour. I asked her, "you mean you didn't do that on purpose"?. "no, what"? says mrs.neighbour, "I just put the tattie there for my son so he would remember it for lunch"?

P is for Page in a sketchbook
thought I would cut the paper and stitch it with the same yarn I used on the knit graffiti bench.

P is for Photography
I did the Dirty Footprints blog interview and what fun that was, thanks Connie. Of course Jen's Mimosas helped. Err, yes I know, a shamefully decadent thing to do at 10am Sunday morning. Hum! what has that got to do with photography one wonders. Well, we talked about it on the interview. I am not a photographer but thought it would be fun to take Laughter Minute's alphabet soup challenge. I am not used to planning an image, or trying to find one that fits a theme. It is completely opposite of how I work as an artist. Usually I have an idea that pops into my head and THEN I dip into my art toolbox to see which media will best work to express that idea. So photography is forcing me to work differently and re-see things in a whole new way.
I have to think that is a GOOD thing.


Connie said...

I had an equally great time! You ladies are great!! And, I've received a few emails saying what a fun show it was by listeners too!! Thanks for stopping by!

Peace & Love.

Colette Amelia said...

I am finding so much about life through photography...wish I could say I am learning how to do good photography...maybe that is next.

Do you know when you have a camera it is like a shield and it enables you to be in situations on a less emotional level? Better than prozac!