Thursday, February 12, 2009

L is for Lung

"it sucks"

I call it "it sucks" because I used to love smoking and had to quit cold turkey quite a few years ago. Yes, a disgusting habit but one I enjoyed on occasion.
It is a soft sculpture wall hanging and still a work in progress made out of felt (filled with fag ash and rice to weigh it down). At the top I will be adding lips for the felt fag.

Textile Art
I found this at the Wooster Collective

Anna's Textiles

TRADITIONAL WORK: I learned to sew at a young age ( I think my mum has my first sewing project from kindergarten LOL) and took to embroidery like a duck to water. I learned all the basic stitches and a few of the more complicated ones over the years. I did this piece about 20 years ago and is based on a vintage design kit I got from Dutch Company. I chose to do many of my own stitches rather than follow the pattern (except the wavy stitch on the vase and basket weave on the strawberries). I LOVE doing satin stitch most of all. I can't say I enjoyed the cross stitch as much, not my thing. My favourite style is Elizabethan /Jacobean. Here is a little history of samplers for those that might be interested. Anyway don't be surprised if you see a wee bit embroidery sneak into some of my art in the future.


jen said...

I like the double meaning in the title. I too am a disgruntled ex smoker. Sucks that I can't enjoy sucking on a cigarette.

Shupe said...

I still have yet to quit..........
Great one though-

Undaunted said...

This piece is great! Is it really filled with fag ash?

I love the embroidery too. I used to love doing embroidery when I was younger, but I'm not sure if I've got the patience for it these days.

JafaBrit's Art said...

Yes, undaunted, I went and bought a pack of the cheapest fags and burned them for the ash.

Shupe, It is hard, especially if one is addicted or just enjoys a few now and again.

glad you like the play on words jen :) My fave time to have a ciggie was in the studio pondering work while I drank a cup of tea, racing down the freeway with the music blaring, and in the pub with my pals. I rarely just smoked around the house though.

Colette Amelia said...

most impressive stitching! I had trouble with the puckering I had more luck with the cross stitching and still have projects to finish after 20 years or so.


The Lone Beader said...

I like the lungs! If you didn't quit, they would have to be black, which is nasty. :o

eek said...

Wow! That embroidery sampler looks very familiar! When I was a little kid my mom did that pattern and it hung in our house until just a few years ago (I think it's tucked away upstairs somewhere now -- or my sister has it). I'm not sure whether she followed the pattern stitches exactly or made some up along the way.

What a fun blast from the past! :-)