Bad Manners

Are their lives that miserable!
So we are visiting the New Noodle place in the Greenecollective art project by the jafabrit clan
and it's PACKED, but we manage to find a table.
There were only four chairs and we needed one more
Ah hah! the next table has a spare one
So my son asks if we could have it
My goodness, her FACE
As she moved her coat off the chair
she muttered under her breath "jesus christ"

from Mr. Bad Manners himself, Buster Bloodvessel
give it to her baby
Lip it up Fatty
coz you is sad

Suffice it to say mrs. misery guts was but a fleeting diversion
The jafabrit clan had more important things to focus on
like making straw paper happy faces as we waited for our
YUMMY noodles

which brings me to the subject of
Food Porn
Coming Next


Undaunted said…
Hahaha! This brings back some memories! Oh that face was so funny!
JafaBrit's Art said…
I thought some might get a chuckle with that face :)
deb said…
everyone needs a good dose of SKA!!
paultalbotart said…
those were the days!!! then again its all back in fashion, I'm off to see the specials soon remeber first seeing them at cov tiffanys sometime in '81
JafaBrit's Art said…
That must have been a blast paul. Like Deb said, we all need a good dose of SKA lol!