Friday, December 12, 2008

The Sketchbook Project: Front Cover

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Thank you for visiting my blog and my sincere apologies.
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 The images that remain will be partially obscured.

The theme of the Art House Sketchbook Project is "everyone we know"
Since the eyes are the windows to the soul
I thought it fitting to paint my eye

Traveling Exhibit
"your documents please"
2B Galéria
Budapest, Hungary
November 28, 2008 - December 30, 2008
Amica Magazine

MadSilence has this really cool snow effect on their blog (I hope they don't me borrowing the idea). Mine isn't as good, but I think still fun :)

Someone crashed into the street sign on the corner of Dayton and Corry street that has our knit graffiti on it. Nancy and I figured we would have to do some new knitting for it when the new pole went up. Well, I don't know which village crew did this, but bless their hearts. They actually slid the knitting off the destroyed pole and put it onto the new pole.
Thank You


Megan Carroll said...

That's pretty cool. In my first year at art school we had a project that was about creative process. We blindly threw a rock onto a map of the city (vancouver) and where it landed we had to install some permanent art. Mine landed on a corner where there was a fountain, others in children's playgrounds, malls, ocean. Nothing was off limit and you didn't get any re-throws. Much of the art work was stolen and or damaged, including mine. So for some one to recognize your significant contribution and to replace it shows much about those individuals that found it and appreciate it and your city.

Undaunted said...

That's fantastic that they replaced your art! Wow, it sounds like you live in another world!

I like your eye on your sketch book. I look forward to seeing what you do inside it. :)

Sheree Rensel said...

OMG!!! That is so cool it is almost unbelievable! I want to take names!

Who are the cool people who fixed your yarn graffiti pole?? OM Gosh, that is so cool. I bet the guy who had the idea has an artist in the family!!!!! LOL LOL LOL

Bill Evertson said...

I guess some civil servants have good taste in art. They could have realized they had artistic gold in their hands and sold the work on ebay, instead they acted as art conservation workers. A fine use of their time.

Susie Q said...

Now THAT is cool...they saved it. I am so happy to see that they appreciated it!

Your eye sketch is awesome. Now, what will be INside?? : )


Philip said...

I really like the community art idea - what a great way of getting people involved. I'm wondering if I could do something like this in Alicante. Lots of food for thought.

nolaa gallery said...

OMG! Can you believe that?! HOW sweet and such a suprise that they would do that! SUPER COOL! I love being pleasantly suprised!

painter girl said...

Amazing! Love that they did that. Yay! for people in your town for appreciating you Jafa Girls and your work!

Love the eye!I can't wait to see your book. You inspired me to sign up.

Lana Gramlich said...

How cool that they relocated your knitting! Perhaps there's hope for humanity, after all. Love the cover sketch, as well. For a while I was totally into drawing eyes, myself & I even painted a couple of surreal ones recently.

Lynette said...

That is so awesome that they put the yarns back on the new pole, very very cool and it makes you realize there are some good folks out there!