Sunday, September 21, 2008

struggles of an artist

Free Art Friday "what if"
Art News Blog always seems to bring up issues that stay with me, and the post about Hazel Dooney is no different. Some of the diary entries posted on Art News resonated with me. Hazel said: "When I'm not happy with my art, everything in my life is fucked. When it's going well, everything is perfect". Oh my, how true this is for me (and I suspect for many of you out there). I feel this rumbling agitation that gnaws at my soul and it doesn't go away until I do something I like. Usually my close artist friends can tell, just as I can tell when they feel the same.

Talking about discomfort, San said she can't imagine me being out of my comfort zone, but I don't feel gifted. I have gotten lazy and comfortable, and I don't think I've even begun to tap into what I'm capable of.

Blogging News
We have a NEW artist to the blogging world cat-in-a-box, so why not pop over and say hi :)
Guess who won the pizza box competition, yes Pollocksthebollocks. I want pizza just so I can have his box-congratulations!


sarahelizabeth said...

Thanks for the link to Hazel.

Undaunted said...

That quote is so so true. Thanks for sharing it.

You have been awarded an award by the way :)

Lana Gramlich said...

The last time I worried about being happy about my art I quit it altogether for 10 years. Now I just "do," without judging. Afterwards I may say I like (or not like,) something in particular, but I have to remove judgment from the art process, itself. It must be free to do as it will. For the first time in my 41 years, I'm enjoying art like never before.