Graffiti Alley Ann Arbor Michigan

Spent a few days in Ann Arbor Michigan and found this wonderful graffiti alley off E.Liberty Street . I saw this pole in the side alley with the same colours as my knit tag and camo doll
( I named her "alley cat") and it was just meant to be. "The alleyway is part of the Michigan Theater Offices and owned by University Towers" and it is not without controversy as highlighted in this news article at Mlive.
graffiti ann arbor michigan

Didn't take long for someone to paint on it, and kind of cool!
stickers and spray paint graffiti

Had lots of fun visiting Ann Arbor, the people were friendly, great to walk around, excellent places to eat and great galleries.

A special thanks to our waiter at Gratzi who went to out of his way to get wooster sauce (from the next restaurant) for my Bloody Mary.
What a restaurant (which was once the Orpheum Theatre), the food, the ambience and service was primo.


sarahelizabeth said…
I love graffiti! ann arbor isn't too far away from me, i should really get over there...
Linda Blondheim said…
We have a huge grafitti wall in my town. The kids spend hours decorating it and it is elaborate art. It is allowed on the wall and so the grafitti is minimal elsewhere in the city. I think it's a great idea.
JafaBrit's Art said…
Linda, do you have a pic of it, or is there a link for it? I think it makes sense to designate areas for graffiti and mural artists. We have an alley in Yellow Springs that has various walls available (although it is running out now).

I find streets art invigorating and exciting sarah and like you just love it.
The Lone Beader said…
Great graffiti!
Marcia said…
wow, thanks for sharing! I am so in favor of having public walls for graffiti. Art of the people, by the people, for the people!
Undaunted said…
We had a great piece of street art in our town, painted on a road sign. I kept meaning to stop and take a photo but I left it too long and now the sign has been replaced :(

I think street art is amazing but I don't like to see loads of writing sprayed everywhere.
Lynette said…
Oooh, I love the surreal atmosphere of that alley and yep I do recognize your work in there! Awesomeness!!
Abraham Lincoln said…
Wooster sauce? Amazing. I did enjoy the post and the graffiti alley. Neat but glad it is there and not in my front yard )so to speak(.
Nice photo. Nice to see all those colors on one wall.
JafaBrit's Art said…
you might be surprised abraham, but the alley is quite discreet entrance off the main street. So it doesn't mar the aesthetics of the street. It is much more attractive to look down than a neglected plain alley way filled with trash cans.

Thanks for dropping by patrick, glad you like the colours, they are just glorious aren't they?

You know even my husband enjoyed looking at it lyn and he is very conservative when it comes to art.

undaunted I feel the same way about some of the tagging.
Shez said…
Never thought I'd be saying this but, that graffiti art is gorgeous!! your sticker art looks so good there.
Apparently we have a designated area here in this city too....going to have to find it and have a look.
Sounds like you had a good trip. :)
Janvangogh said…
Oh, hope you varnished your sticker so that years later it could be uncovered.
Lana Gramlich said…
I'm not typically big on graffiti art (growing up just outside of NYC in the 70s had a profound effect on me,) but I like this graffiti alley. Very cool. Glad you enjoyed yourself.
jennifer said…
super cool! i know you loved it!
cynthia said…
I never would have thought Ann Arbor to be so colorful! Shows what I know...

I loved this comment from the artist of the mural that was whitewashed:

Cost said she never expected her art to last forever.

"The thing about public art ... it is an exercise in letting go," she said. "You put it out there and you know it is not forever. I have to remind myself this isn't my family room. That is the element of public art. It will be great and it will be gone."

So very Zen....
MadSilence said…
Another example of that ephemeral art we love so well. But is something lost when graffiti is institutionalized? That wild, secret & unconventional essence that provides an illicit thrill?

See graffiti definition:

JafaBrit's Art said…
Madsilence, thanks for the great link and a good question to be explored in my next post.

Jan, didn't even think about the long term for the sticker. I expect like much graffiti it will be painted over, or it will decay.

shez, lana, it is kind of cool to hear you both say you are liking this alley or at least the photos of it considering :)
i've never been a lover of graffiti, but maybe, just maybe, may lean a little towards it after your photo.

Oh and i'm sure you mean worcester sauce. lol. oops, sounding a bit pompous now ain't i. mate. know what i mean, nudge nudge wink wink.

sorry on the wine tonight roflol
jesslope said…
very nice pics. i'm all about sticker art right now.
Have a few photos i've taken too.

Check it out: