Niki de Saint Phalle at Missouri Botanical Gardens

Went to visit family in St.Louis and they surprised me with a wonderful 4 hour visit to see Niki de Saint Phalle's work in the Missouri Botanical Gardens. The Gardens on their own are just stunning, but add the sculptures and it was a total visual feast.

This is just such a sweet little award from San at "A Life with a View". Thanks San.


Marcia said…
Lucky You! Her sculptures look perfect dancing amongst the flowers.
ckw said…
what a treat- i never knew about that-love the dancers-as always- thanks for inspiration
Sarah said…
How wonderful! I love mosaic on sculpture! I would love to see these in person, and it looks like it was a really nice day outside as well!
L.M.Noonan said…
What can I say...but wow. I've always loved her work but didn't know this existed.
PS did you notice your work on the ZAIM website?
Lana Gramlich said…
Looks like it was a good day. The teeth in the skull in the first picture are so intriguing to me! I just want to pull a hand across that texture!
JafaBrit's Art said…
marcia, sarah, ckw, they were delightful and their placement just made them all the more so. WE got there at 8am before the crowds and when the weather was cool.

loretta, I just checked out the ZAIM website :) cool. Like you I didn't know much of this existed and not on such a scale.

Lana, I could not resist touching her sculptures, they were beautiful.
cynthia said…
I love Niki de Saint Phalle's work too!
Undaunted said…
Actually, I don't know why but the texture on the teeth makes me shudder! I can't stand texture on my own teeth! I like them to be clean and smooooth!

Congratulations on another award!
What a fun day ou! Art-in-the gardens is always a double treat, isn't it?
Connie said…
I love her work too!!! I've seen it in San Diego.

Peace & Love.
Erin Whitson said…
The Niki exhibit is fantastic. I went after dark to do a night shoot there when it first opened. You can see the result here:

I also was hired by the Garden to shoot their Chihuly exhibit, which was beautiful. There is a section on my website about that as well.


Erin Whitson
JafaBrit's Art said…
Erin, thanks for dropping by. I had a look at your photography and it is fabulous. I particularly like the black and white profile of chihuly and the man holding the skull :)

It must be a joy to photograph the gardens, which to me is one of the best I have ever seen.

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